Nikki Egan

Nikki Egan / MSNBC
Mentor: Vanessa Hollingshead

Nikki Egan is an Emmy Award – winning senior producer at MSNBC. She’s hoping something else will happen in her lifetime so that won’t be the first line of her obituary. Not that she doesn’t like MSNBC (she loves it), but she’s milked that Emmy line for a while and her friends are tired of it. As a producer, she’s been right in the middle of some of the big stories of the past (redacted) years, including the 2000 ballot
debacle in Florida. (Don’t ask to see her hanging chads. She’s shy.) Besides attempting standup comedy, Nikki also runs around the park occasionally, dances better than Britney at the VMAs (who doesn’t?), eats her vegetables and sleeps. She’d like to thank Kermit the Frog, Walter Cronkite and Mary Richards for inspiring her to become a journalist.