Michael P. Regan

Michael P. Regan / Bloomberg

Michael P. Regan started out in journalism in the early 1990s at small newspapers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, covering stuff like zoning boards,car wrecks, and earning less than the drivers who delivered the papers. He moved to New York in 1999 to work at FoxNews.com, mainly because his cable service didn’t carry Fox News so he assumed the anchors were all like Kent Brockman from “The Simpsons.” After discovering he wasn’t Fox material, he moved to the Associated Press in 2000 and transitioned to financial news. However, when he moved to Bloomberg in 2007 to cover stocks, his earliest experience turned out to be the most valuable because the stock market quickly turned into a car wreck. He currently runs Bloomberg’s Markets Live blog, has written cover stories for Bloomberg Markets and Businessweek magazines, appears regularly on Bloomberg TV and Radio, as well as NPR and just about any other media outlet that agrees to send a car service.