Marlaina Schiavo

Marlaina Schiavo / CNN

Marlaina Schiavo is a Producer for HLN’s Nancy Grace. From field-producing to on-air reporting, Marlaina has covered everything from crime and punishment to celebrity justice. Marlaina began her journalism career at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. Three and half years later, she returned to the northeast, joining the Fox News Channel as the Newsroom Manager. In 2005, Marlaina landed a Producer position with Court TV’s Nancy Grace: Closing Arguments, before returning to her stomping grounds at CNN/HLN in 2007. Prior to her successful career in the media world, Marlaina earned a Bachelor’s degree in Television/Radio from Ithaca College ’98. Marlaina grew up in News Jersey and claims that there is more to the Jersey shore than fist pumping. She currently lives in Manhattan with her boyfriend Eric.