8 Years Of Rejection By Brian Williams

A long, long time ago (well 2006) an event was created for the New York Media to remind the world just how brave they were, how committed to charity they were, and how behind the all the serious reporting, how much of a sense of humor they all had.

This event was called New York’s Funniest Reporter Show (www.nyfunniestreporter.com) and for over eight years, over 40 members of the national and local media have each done 5 minutes of stand up comedy to raise money for the Humane Society.

Despite several years of asking, media personalities such as Ann Curry, Sean Hannity, Diane Sawyer, Ron Burgundy, Megyn Kelly, Brian Kilmeade, Rachel Maddow, have all said no each year. However, no one’s NO has hurt worse that NBC’s Brian Williams – an authentically funny individual who regularly appears on NBC’s Tonight Show.

8 years of rejection by Brian Williams. However, we’re in the 9th year of the show (which takes place on Sept 14th) and we haven’t gotten the 9th NO yet. Here’s a quick recap of the 8 previous rejections that might have tinge of fiction & embellishment.

NYFR: Hey Brian! Do you want be in New York’s Funniest Reporter Show??
Brian Williams: No
NYFR: Ah ok maybe next year then!

NYFR: Hey Brian! Do you want to be in New York’s Funniest Reporter Show??
Brian Williams: Sure if you have proof that you’ve been on a date in the past two years.

NYFR: Hey Brian! We’re Ranger fans too! Do you to want be in New York’s Funniest Reporter Show??
Brian Williams: Sure the year they win their next cup
NYFR: Any chance of doing it before 2080?

NYFR: Hey Brian! New York’s Funniest Reporter Show is right around the corner
Brian Williams: Great you know what else is around the corner?
NYFR: What?
Brian Williams: The word NO!

NYFR: Brian would you like to be in this years New York’s Funniest Reporter Show??
Brian Williams: Only if you sell your soul to the devil
NYFR: We tried. He said no even at a discounted rate.
Brian Williams: Sorry I’m going to have to say no.

NYFR: Hello Mr. Williams…um would you possibly consider.
Brian Williams: YES!
NYFR: Are you serious????
Brian Williams: Of course I’m serious about saying NO again this year to the reporter show. What’s up with you guys anyway? Even celebrity stalkers can take a hint and know when to walk away.

NYFR: Brian, if you do New York’s Funniest Reporter Show this year you’ll win a big prize!
Brian Williams: Really what’s that?
NYFR: Our lifelong friendship to you.
Brian Williams: OMG and what’s second place to that, a stay in guantamo bay?? No on the show gentleman.

NYFR: What would it take for you finally commit to being in New York’s Funniest Reporter Show?
Brian Williams: If you can become less ugly I’ll do the show.
NYFR: You ask the impossible!
Brian Williams: Hey, I landed the first exclusive with Snowden – anything is possible. However, you guys may be a lost cause…


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