Mandy Stadtmiller

Mandy Stadtmiller / New York Post
Mentor: Sharon Simon

Mandy Stadtmiller is a staff entertainment writer for The New York Post. She has a unique style and defining voice that resonates with not only New Yorker’s but, all walks of life (except that creep Andy Dick). Mandy is also stand-up comedian who won New York’s Funniest Reporter last year. She has written for The Washington Post, The Village Voice, The Los Angeles Times, The Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, The Des Moines Register and In These Times. She has appeared on FOX’s “Good Day, New York,” Howard Stern’s In Demand Channel, Howard Stern’s Sirius Channel,  Opie & Anthony’s XM Channel, Maxim’s Sirius Channel and WOR Radio. In her free time, she enjoys listing her credits.

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