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Wendy Diamond / Animal Fair Magazine

Wendy Diamond is the leading Pet Lifestyle expert, TV Personality and Animal Rescue Advocate. The tireless voice of disenfranchised animals, Diamond looks to improve the quality of lives for all animals homeless, sheltered, or endangered. “The Martha Stewart of the milk and bone dish” (The New Yorker), dubbed “Pet Diva” by the New York Post, crowned the “Canine Queen” by Forbes Magazine and is a frequent pet lifestyle contributor to NBC’s Today Show, Fox and BetterTV. With her charismatic presence and undeniable pet knowledge, she has starred in television shows on CBS, NBC, Animal Planet, and with her rescued Maltese Lucky Diamond was one of three judges on CBS’ 2008 summer primetime hit show – Greatest American Dog! Shehas been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Time, People, The New Yorkerand Vogue.After writing two best selling books titled “How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs any How To Understand Women Through Their Cats,” she became the face of Chicken Soup for the Soul – What I learned from My Dog and What I learned from My Cat. Random House is publishing Diamond’s next entertaining albeit informative book titled “It’s a Dog’s World.”

In 1999, Wendy Diamond, Chief Pet Officer and Editorial Director, created Animal Fair, (fairness to animals) the first lifestyle magazine/website/events company for animal lovers in support of fairness to animals!


Cooper Lawrence / Cooper Lawrence Show

Cooper Lawrence is an expert on celebrity culture and fame. With an M.A. in developmental psychology, years of research, and a doctorate near completion. Most recently she was the fame expert on the VH1 ‘Celebreality’ show Confessions of a Teen Idol. Cooper hosts the nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Cooper Lawrence Show from Dial Global. Her show combines entertainment, pop culture, comedy, and celebrity all flavored with Cooper’s unique brand of storytelling. To find a station that carries the show near you or to listen live online, go to www.cooperlawrenceshow.com. Cooper is a favorite guest of CNN Headline News’s Showbiz Tonight, Fox News Channel, and The Tyra Banks Show as well as other shows including, The Today Show, The Early Show, CNN, The O’ReillyFactor, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Hannity & Colmes, Fox & Friends, The Insider, and on E!Entertainment Television.


Robert George / New York Post

Robert A. George is an incredible editorial writer for the New York Post and an occasional stand-up comic and improv performer. He is a former Senior Writer for Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Coalitions Director for the Republican National Committee. His written work includes contributions to National Review, Reason, The New Republic and The American Conservative. He also operates Ragged Thots and contributes to the Political Capital blog.


Ellis Henican / Newsday / Fox News

Ellis Henican is a staff columnist for Newsday, an electrifying political analyst at the Fox News Channel and the voice of “Stormy Waters” on the prime-time Cartoon Network series, Sealab 2021. Henican’s award-winning newspaper column — “a personal, opinionated look at the news of the day” – appears in the paper’s front section every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Before taking on his current assignment, Henican wrote Newsday’s subway column, leading the paper to a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the Union Square train wreck. At Fox, Henican appears frequently on “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Hannity & Colmes,” “Fox & Friends” and many of the network’s other programs. He also fills in as a guest host. Fox viewers know Henican for his lively take on the news and for dissecting complex issues in an engaging, understandable way. His work has been recognized with the Meyer Berger Award for Distinguished Writing About New York City, the National Clarion Award for Column Writing and shares of two Pulitzer Prizes for spot news.


Meredith Daniels / Newsday

Meredith Daniels is a comical Communications professional with a successful career in broadcast, online media, and print. Her work in Stand-Up Comedy, allows her to be funny and quick on her feet when interviewing folks in front of Walmart, at the mall or deli. Her bit for Newsday.com called “Storking J-Lo’s twins,” still gets tens of thousands of hits on Newsday.com and YouTube. Meredith continues to appear in video for Newsday.com and ExploreTV.com and in the past has served as a field reporter for PBS affiliate, WLIW. During her ‘radio days,’ she served as a news/traffic announcer for dozens of stations in NewYork City and Long Island. She has appeared on “Imus in the Morning” and worked alongside Jay Thomas as a news/entertainment reporter, as well as a regular writer on his radio show. She was also a producer for WPLJ’s “Scott and Todd in the Morning.”


Marlaina Schiavo / CNN

Marlaina Schiavo is a Producer for HLN’s Nancy Grace.  From field-producing to on-air reporting, Marlaina has covered everything from crime and punishment to celebrity justice. Marlaina began her journalism career at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. Three and half years later, she returned to the northeast, joining the Fox News Channel as the Newsroom Manager. In 2005, Marlaina landed a Producer position with Court TV’s Nancy Grace: Closing Arguments, before returning to her stomping grounds at CNN/HLN in 2007. Prior to her successful career in the media world, Marlaina earned a Bachelor’s degree in Television/Radio from Ithaca College ’98. Marlaina grew up in News Jersey and claims that there is more to the Jersey shore than fist pumping. She currently lives in Manhattan with her boyfriend Eric.