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Julia Allison / Star Magazine

Julia Allison is the Editor-at-Large for Star magazine and a weekly columnist in Time Out New York.  She has written for Cosmopolitan, Maxim, New York, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Capitol File, The Huffington Post and Men’s Health. From Fall 2005 until Spring 2007, she wrote both a weekly column in the Manhattan newspaper AM New York and a monthly column in COED magazine.

Julia has done on-air commentary on E! Entertainment Television, and appears on NBC’s Access Hollywood, CNN’s Showbiz Tonight, FoxNews’ Hannity & Colmes, MSNBC’s Scarborough Country, CNN Headline News’ Glenn Beck, FoxNews’ Redeye, FoxNews’ The Big Story, FoxNews’ Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox&Friends, CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, G4’s Attack of the Show, CBS’s Early Show and Fox 5 New York’s nightly news.  She also does the weekly Relationship 101 segment on Fox’s Morning Show with Mike & Juliet.

Tasha Harris / StageTime Magazine
Mentor: Todd Lynn

Tasha A. Harris is a writer-comedian who has covered the New York City comedy scene since 2001. She was the former news editor of Two Drink Minimum and a contributing writer to The Comic Bible and Punchline magazine. She is the editor of Talent In Motion. Harris created the new award category, “Best Comedian,” for Talent In Motion’s Timmy Awards in 2005.

Tasha is also Founder & Editor-In-Chief of StageTime Magazine, the publication dedicated to stand up comedy.

Website – www.stagetimemag.com

Carmin Biggs / WABC Eyewitness News
Mentor: Ryan Reiss


Robert George / New York Post
Mentor: Gladys Simon

Robert A. George is an editorial writer for the New York Post and an occasional stand-up comic and improv performer.

He is a former Senior Writer for Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Coalitions Director for the Republican National Committee.

His written work includes contributions to National Review, Reason, The New Republic and The American Conservative. He also operates Ragged Thots and contributes to the Political Capital blog.

Nikki Egan / MSNBC
Mentor: Vanessa Hollingshead

Nikki Egan is an Emmy Award – winning senior producer at MSNBC. She’s hoping something else will happen in her lifetime so that won’t be the first line of her obituary. Not that she doesn’t like MSNBC (she loves it), but she’s milked that Emmy line for a while and her friends are tired of it. As a producer, she’s been right in the middle of some of the big stories of the past (redacted) years, including the 2000 ballot
debacle in Florida. (Don’t ask to see her hanging chads. She’s shy.) Besides attempting standup comedy, Nikki also runs around the park occasionally, dances better than Britney at the VMAs (who doesn’t?), eats her vegetables and sleeps. She’d like to thank Kermit the Frog, Walter Cronkite and Mary Richards for inspiring her to become a journalist.