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Meredith Daniels / Newsday
Mentor: Vanessa Hollingshead

Meredith Daniels has had a career in radio for over 10 years, but currently works as an Internet News Manager for a newspaper where she watches TV all day long.
She’s a self-proclaimed media whore.

Meredith has done comedy writing for actor/radio personality Jay Thomas, but swears she had nothing to do with the show “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire.”

She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s in Bachelors, I mean Journalism.

In her free time she enjoys going to the North Fork of Long Island with her husband and leaving him there. She also enjoys cycling and yoga. She’s very proud or her Camel, but thinks her Downward Dog could use some work.

Tiffany McElroy / CW11 News

Tiffany McElroy is co-anchor of the early edition of “The CW11 Morning News,” the weekday news program seen on Tribune Broadcasting’s CW Television Network Affiliate, WPIX Channel 11 (The CW11), here. She and colleague Craig Treadway are seen Monday through Friday from 5 am to 7 am.

Tiffany made her reporting debut on the air at KCPM-TV, the NBC affiliate in Chico, California. She progressed through a series of assignments of increasing importance in larger markets on the West Coast including Bakersfield, California’s NBC affiliate, KGET-TV, where she was a reporter and anchor, and Portland, Oregon’s ABC affiliate KATU-TV where she was also a reporter and anchor.

In August of 2004, Tiffany joined the CW11 Morning News Team in where she anchors and reports for “The CW11 Morning News,” from 5 am to 7 am. As part of the Emmy Award-winning news team, Tiffany enjoys working on “The CW11 Morning News” because she is able to work on segments ranging from hard news to funny, uplifting stories.

Mike Trainor / NY1

Mike Trainor, originally of West Orange, New Jersey was always a big fan of comedy. It was only natural that he would eventually wander on to the stage. From his first performance Mike has quickly made a name for himself by not holding anything back.

He co-hosted and produced “Four Quotas” for Sirius Satellite Radio’s comedy channel, will be appearing on National Lampoons upcoming comedy network Comedy Express and was featured in the Stand-Up Spotlight section of Maxim Magazine.

Whether he is talking about life in the big city, his college memories or discussing his favorite method of torturing his friends, Mike is big on writing in the third person.

Peter Kramer / The Journal News
Mentor:  Sharon Simon

Peter is a prolific and highly respected theatre repoter for the Journal News. Having no previous stand up comedy experience, Peter took to the stage with confidence and passion. He has the crowd laughing with his insights about the joys of Fatherhood. We were thrilled to have Peter on the show and we look forward to seeing him continue to do stand up!

Roger Clark / NY1
Mentor: Billy Bingo

Roger Clark made is his stand up comedy debut in 2006. He began his NY1 career in 2001 as the Staten Island Reporter, before moving on to the morning features beat three years later. During that time he has surfed at Rockaway Beach, climbed rockwalls, learned the trapeze,  figure skated, kayaked the Hudson, canoed the Gowanus Canal and eaten prawn at seven in the morning. Roger stays active playing tennis and doing lots of walking, and is a music fan and former drummer in bands with names like “The Slip” and “The Avenue Kids” – although he wouldn’t be shocked if you’d never heard of them.

Paul Messina / NY1

Before becoming NY1’s Personal Finance Reporter in February of 2004, Paul Messina spent eight years as the station’s Neighborhood Reporter. But his wealth of financial experience dates back to the late 1970’s and his first checking account.

Paul is a graduate of New York University and Brooklyn’s Edward R. Murrow High School. He has also studied improvisation at The Second City Theater in Chicago. He’s appeared on “The Sopranos,” in the film “Maid in Manhattan,” and in the upcoming Chris Rock film, “I Think I Love My Wife.” The back of his head can be seen in “The Untouchables.”

Paul has been at NY1 since 1993 and hopes that you might have noticed.

Robert George / New York Post
Mentor: Gladys Simon

Robert A. George is an editorial writer for the New York Post and an occasional stand-up comic and improv performer.

He is a former Senior Writer for Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Coalitions Director for the Republican National Committee.

His written work includes contributions to National Review, Reason, The New Republic and The American Conservative. He also operates Ragged Thots and contributes to the Political Capital blog.

Nikki Egan / MSNBC
Mentor: Vanessa Hollingshead

Nikki Egan is an Emmy Award – winning senior producer at MSNBC.  She’s hoping something else will happen in her lifetime so that won’t be the first line of her obituary. Not that she doesn’t like MSNBC (she loves it), but she’s milked that Emmy line for a while and her friends are tired of it.  As a producer, she’s been right in the middle of some of the big stories of the past (redacted) years, including the 2000 ballot
debacle in Florida.  (Don’t ask to see her hanging chads.  She’s shy.)  Besides attempting standup comedy, Nikki also runs around the park occasionally, dances better than Britney at the VMAs (who doesn’t?), eats her vegetables and sleeps. She’d like to thank Kermit the Frog, Walter Cronkite and Mary Richards for inspiring her to become a journalist.