In Their Own Words

What’s it like to be a contestant in New York’s Funniest Reporter Show? Below are five first hand accounts.

“Winning New York’s Funniest Reporter was life changing! Not only did it become a great conversation starter but it 100% launched my stand-up career. Now in addition to being a television producer, I produce my own comedy show once a month.”
Marianne Schaberg / 2009 New York’s Funniest Reporter Show Winner

“Working in news, I find comedy therapeutic. All day at work fires and tragedy fuel a “good news day.” So I started dabbling in open mic comedy. Besides the late nights and often “dark, sketchy locations” especially for a tv morning news anchor— I found unexpected benefits.
Writing comedy helped generate story ideas. It also helped me write more concise (Not as much as the yet to come “Twitter” in 2008). For me, The experience of “New York’s Funniest Reporters” was incredible. I worked with a mentor who helped me find a voice and style for my half- one liners. Actually my mentor, the hysterical Tim Krompier, said my jokes were funny! They just weren’t when I presented them. But, he added- you are funny when you are just talking- so we came up with a way to just be more myself on stage. Eeek something I never thought anyone would want to see.”
Heather Kovar / 2008 New York’s Funniest Reporter Show Contestant

“What a blast being a contestant in NY’s Funnies Reporter Show. It was GREAT being able to say the things I always wanted to say on TV, but never could. Even better was watching your colleagues let their hair down, and let it all hang out. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard!!”
Rob Hoell / 2008 New York’s Funniest Reporter Show Contestant

“What reporter gets to say they worked the world-renowned Comic Strip Live? This one, that’s who. And I was awesome. Also awesome: seeing the funny side of colleagues I respect, a rare treat. Therefore, you most definitely can say that New York’s Funniest Reporter Show is nothing short of awesome.”
Lori Harfinest / 2009 New York’s Funniest Reporter Show Contestant

“Doing comedy for the first time was horrifically scary but I also felt like I conquered something that made me more nervous than anything I ever attempted in my life. Swimming with sharks? Doable. Jumping out of an airplane? Not so bad. Standing in front of people trying to be funny? Eeeeeeeks!  My mentor supplied me with great punchlines. But delivering them was a different story. After the first minute or so, I froze on stage and forgot everything. I grabbed a cheat sheet I had stuffed into my shirt and admitted how terrified I was, which seemed to evoke sympathy. The rest of the act was a blur but I definitely knew the audience was with me. Mainly because I showed how frightened I was. An experience I will never forget, but don’t want to relive!!!”
Wendy Gillette / 2008 New York’s Funniest Reporter Show Contestant