Media Laugh Competition Showdown: 6th Annual New York’s Funniest Reporter Show

Media Laugh Competition Showdown: 6th Annual New York’s Funniest Reporter Show

NEW YORK, NY – August 2nd, 2011 – The 6th Annual New York’s Funniest Reporter Show (www.nyfunniestreporter.com) will take place on Saturday, August 20th at 5:30 pm at Comic Strip Live (1568 Second Ave). It will feature seven media professionals each doing five minutes of stand up comedy in order to raise money for the Humane Society of New York (http://www.humanesocietyny.org/). At the end of the night, a winner will be declared.

Competing in the show this year will be: Jane Velez-Mitchell (CNN Headline News), Greg Mocker (WPIX), Courtney Friel (Fox News), Adam Shapiro (Fox Business), Wendy Diamond (Animal Fair Magazine), Marlaina Schiavo (CNN), and Julia Melim (Hollywood.TV). 2010’s NYFR Show Champion Lauren Sivan (News 12) will be performing but, not competing.

“For many of the Reporters who appear in the show, this is their one-time dance with stand up comedy. It’s a very rare occasion.” Said Mark Goldman, Co-Producer of New York’s Funniest Reporter Show.

All participants are offered the opportunity to work with a professional comedian and receive a crash course in stand up comedy. The Comedy Mentor also helps prepare them to prepare their material and iron out and pre-stage nervous jitters.

“Most of the Reporters over the years have said that NYFR was one of the toughest challenges they’ve ever taken on and it’s not surprising. Think about the fear people have about public speaking and times that by ten.” Said Ryan McCormick, Co-Producer of New York’s Funniest Reporter Show.

Previous NYFR show participants have included: Taryn Winter Brill (Good Morning America), Mike Trainor (NY1), Lori Harfenist (The Resident), Rob Hoell (CW11), Noelle Hancock (Harper Collins), Cooper Lawrence (The Cooper Lawrence Show), Ellis Henican (Fox News & Newsday),  Robert George (New York Post), Nikki Egan (NBC), Wendy Gillette (CBS), Cat Greenleaf (NBC), Paul Messina (NY1), Roger Clark (NY1), Julia Alison (Star Magazine), Mandy Stadtmiller (New York Post), Meredith Daniels (Newsday), Marianne Schaberg (CNN), Sean McCarthy (NY Daily News), Alison Rosen (Page Six Magazine), Debbie Nigro (FirstWivesWorld.com), Heather Kovar (New 12), Peter Kramer (The Journal News), and Tiffany McElroy (WPIX).

The cost of admission is $20. To make a reservation, please call (212) 861-9386. All Media Inquires about New York’s Funniest Reporter Show can be directed to Ron Burgundy at (516) 901-1103.

The 6th Annual New York’s Funniest Reporter competition is produced by Goldman McCormick (www.goldmanmccormick.com).

About New York’s Funniest Reporter Show

Since it’s inception in 2006, New York’s Funniest Reporter Show (www.nyfunniestreporter.com) has featured over twenty six media professionals performing stand up comedy in order to raise money for worthy charities that include Operation Uplink and the Humane Society of New York. Participants have come from: NBC, WPIX, Good Morning America, CBS, NY1, Fox News, Star Magazine, ABC, News 12, MSNBC, CNN, The Resident, New York Post, and New York Daily News. Each Reporter does five minutes of stage time and at the end of the show, a winner is declared.

About the Humane Society of New York:

For over 100 years, the Humane Society of New York (http://www.humanesocietyny.org ) has been a presence in New York City, caring for animals in need when illness, injury or homelessness strikes. In 1904 they were founded to protect the city’s horses against abuse. Members fought for laws to punish negligent owners and place watering troughs in streets and parks. As funds allowed the Society expanded to include a free medical clinic and a small adoption center for cats and dogs. Today their hospital and their Vladimir Horowitz and Wanda Toscanini Horowitz Adoption Center help more than 30,000 dogs and cats annually, and their numbers continue to grow

About Goldman McCormick

Goldman McCormick PR (www.goldmanmccormick.com ) a New York City based public relations agency that specializes in traditional media and social media placement for law, finance, media, and corporate based clients. Started by Mark Goldman and Ryan McCormick, both former Television & Radio Producers (and newspaper editors) turned Media Relations Specialists, Goldman McCormick are also founders of Legal PR Team (www.legalprteam.com).

About The Comic Strip Live:
Voted AOL’s Best Comedy Club of 2007. Est. in 1976, the World Famous Comic Strip Live is the longest running showcase comedy club in American history. It has launched the careers of Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Lisa Lampanelli, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, and several other superstars of laughter. Shows run 7-days a week and feature New York City’s hottest comedians. For more information, please visit – www.comicstriplive.com – 1568 Second Ave (81st & 2nd Ave), New York, NY.