Maria Dorfner

Maria Dorfner / NewsMD

Maria Dorfner is the owner of NewsMD Communications, a full-service production company specializing in Health. She develops original health content and provides PR services for the best in health services and products. Her clients have included a Who’s Who in Health and she’s been a medical/health stories go-to resource for NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC and other stations. She says one of the most important things is maintaining editorial control. It’s important to report medical stories in an unbiased way and make sure to cover all angles, i.e. the good, bad and ugly so people can make informed decisions. It’s vital to provide reliable and accurate information to the public, as that public includes your own family and loved ones. She turns down a lot of stories that don’t measure up to what she calls her journalistic scrutiny based on over three decades of experience. Her health blog is at NewsMD: What’s Hot in Health.